Transparency in public administration

Transparency in public administration


Transparency - It is small word but still it holds a much deeper meaning in it. People keep on boasting about the transparency in every field of life. The efforts are restricted to just words and never get converted into actions. Coming to transparency in public administration, people have always stayed divided in opinions. Some of them think it really desirable while the other group thinks it as a threat to privacy. The question here is why there is need of transparency in public administration. If it is really important, what are the measures that should be taken to achieve it?

Right to information

Transparency in public administration is the right of people. It is the freedom to know the details of the steps and measures taken by the different elements of the system. It can be better called as the right of public access to the key information. It induces the deep trust on the actions of system. Whenever the public finds the decisions are forced or manipulated, they can seek for the details of the matter. The system is there for people and it has to work in accordance with the needs of people. Therefore, it is not the need, but can be better termed as the right of public to demand for transparency in public administration. It should be open for the public to examine the pros and cons of the system. Local masses can question the reason and logic behind making the important decisions.

Elimination of corruption

The present system of Public Administration is the significant part of life. It can be termed as more bureaucratic run and governed by the officials. It has given rise to the executive democracy. The administrative branch cannot be allowed to become the playing tool of the corrupt officials. It is meant for the welfare of people. However, corruption is rooted deep in the system. The benefits are not passed on to the people. The high level of corruption existing in the system can be solved only when the public ise provided with the right to access of information. Transparency in the system is a clear indication of elimination of corruption. It encourages comprehensive public involvement.

Degree of credibility

There are many risks associated with the lack of transparency in the public administration system. One of the major risks is the usage of funds. The people work hard day and night and account for the public funds in the form of taxes. It is their money submitted to government for the general welfare purposes. The transparency in the public administration allows the public to know where the taxpayers’ money is used in the process. It is a matter of credibility of the system. Public can get the selected information. After all, an insight into the proceedings will bring no harm to the system.

Make the process systematic

Transparency in the public administration has to be implemented in terms of both public and the system. It is important to check the information is not sought and used by the illegal elements for fulfillment of their selfish objectives. The public administration system should provide the general information in form of electronic and traceable data. The information should be general but informative in terms of the content and processes. It should be properly administered and watched so that it cannot be misused by any illegal component.

The effectiveness of data

The information available to the public should contain the basis components. It should provide uniform access to the public. The information should be available only on restricted application boundaries. The need is the simple access to the details for viable use. The contents should be proper in terms of quality and relevance. It should come from the central system so that it doesn’t lose its value. The key point is to maintain the data security in all cases. It should be open as per the legal regulations but should not be available for the unauthorized access. Remember, if the data is tampered it is again the loss of the public. The transparency can prove costly if the data is misused by the illegal elements.

The path is tough

The transparency in the public administration system is tough to implement but is not impossible. There will be some technical issues which can be sorted out by the team of experts. In the process of transparency, the rules and regulations should not be held at stake. And to make the process efficient and effective, the cooperation from all the participants including the officials, politicians and people is a must. Only then it will be possible to get a transparent public administration system.


Transparency is always for good and in the case of public administration it will make the officials more responsible. The change provides the power in the hands of public. It will eliminate the corrupt rule of the powerful bureaucrats. It will allow the democratic government to have a stable foundation for its people. The free flow of information will wipe out the complex problems existing in the system.
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