Travel Writing - An interesting domain for creative writers!

Travel Writing – An interesting domain for creative writers!

Travel writers are the ones who give a detailed description of a tourist destination for various publications.

What educational background is required for a travel writer?

Often a background in communications, journalism and related fields is helpful for a career in any kind of writing. Although there is no hard and fast rule of a particular qualification, a good command over English is definitely a prerequisite. Exposure to photography is another thing that could work as an advantage.

How to start a career in travel writing?

• Read a lot about other travel articles and understand their style of writing after which you can make modifications in your own style of writing in order to stand apart from the crowd. Strengthen your writing skills.
• Travel to a new destination and document your experiences of the place, along with other information. Start writing a blog of your documentation.
• Make use of social media sites to connect with writers and editors.
• Lastly every writer at some point faces rejection, however you must learn to handle it better and not get dejected by it.

What are the things to remember while writing a travel article?

• Firstly, you must be concise in your articles of a page or 2. Long, narrative articles are not something that people would engage in reading. Stick to the point.
• Secondly find an interesting heading or a perspective to your article. Talk about the lesser known facts or something uncommon about a well known destination. These are some eye catchers and the article will definitely be read.
• A good story is not all that is required. A descent choice of words and correct use of syntax is very important.
• As a writer you must meet deadlines and bear complete authority of their written material. All the facts gathered must be accurate.

Which publications should be approached?

A lot of newspapers and magazines have a dedicated section for travel. However, other than these there are magazines which focus on only travel like the in-flight magazines or online travel magazines. There also are travel blogs that people write for.

The best way to start off is by writing blogs for an already established travel website. Once you are comfortable, you can have your own website.
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