Truth is lived, not taught

Truth is lived, not taught

Hermann Hesse quoted Truth is lived, not taught. He believed that the deity is within the person, and not in the books or ideas. Truth can be experienced. Life is strange. With time or with perception the form of truth also changes. A form of truth for one person can be the greatest lie for the other person. What do you think? Do you agree with the quote of Hermann Hesse?


• There are companies and corporations where the head itself are involved in the corruption. How will they teach the subordinates the right way?

• Teachers of today are more into earning more money by making education a business. Can they teach the truth?

• Narendra Modi didn’t give the lectures or speech on the use of Hindi; he lived it and set the example by using it as a medium of communication for diplomatic talks.

• Truth is not any information or any bookish knowledge that can be forced to cram by the teachers; instead it is an experience that comes by implementing in the behavior.

• As the real things become dead in a photograph, truth also dies when it is tried to be confined in the words.

• The truth of life is death and that cannot be taught but only can be experienced.


• Children learn only those things that are taught by the teachers and the parents. How will they differentiate between the right and wrong if they are not given the right lessons?

• Children are innocent and they emulate the things that see their elders too. The simple acts teach the truth.

• There are many people who just assume things and live in a fantasy world. There is a need to bring such people back on reality grounds and make them face the truth.

• Suffering or the loss of any game or person is not the truth to be lived; the truth is to face the hardships that sometimes come with the spiritual learning.

• If truth, honesty and all the virtues can come without learning then what is the need of the teachers and what the need of education is.


Truth is experienced, truth is lived. It is true. There is now flaw in this part of sentence. But if you say that truth cannot be taught it is a completely misleading statement. Truth is taught, the only difference is some people understand the importance of it and live it, while some find it irrelevant in the race of life, and find it best to ignore it.
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  • RE: Truth is lived, not taught -Deepa Kaushik (06/24/14)
  • Truth can be taught, and it can be lived. The importance holds on how the truth is accepted whole-heartedly – when taught or lived? It is a human tendency to accept the things better when we perceive them with our own senses. Any learnt matter can be forgotten, but the things that have occurred in our life cannot be wiped of all that easily.

    Truth when lived can have its ever-lasting influence. A child can be taught alphabets and rhymes. The alphabets remain in their mind forever as they use it regularly, but it is never the same with the rhymes. Though a child requires to be taught everything, but they absorb the things only when they start living with them.

    A taught thing remains a non-living stuff. The learnt bit gains its life when that is lived in actual form. We can understand better when we undergo the circumstances and perceive the matters ourselves. If the matter/happening is true or false, it is better understood when lived. We can teach that the fire is hot, but the child cannot be taught what is hot. Any qualitative term needs to be lived to be understood, so is the truth.