Types of disasters, managing them & role of communication

Explain various types of disasters?

Disasters can be classified as natural and man made disasters.

Natural disaster – It is defined as an event caused by the natural processes, e.g. earthquakes, floods, cyclone, etc.

Man-made disaster – They are caused due to certain human activities or negligent human actions, e.g. terror activities, nuclear or chemical leaks, etc.

How would you handle a disaster?

Warning people about being ready is an important task. For example, in the pre-phase of a natural disaster like cyclone, local governments try to get appropriate data from the meteorological department. They make alternative living arrangements and try to move people from the areas likely to be affected.

During the post-crisis phase, informing people about the rehabilitation centers and medical facilities is important. Cooperation of the people with the rescue teams is needed.

The police control rooms and fire stations should be informed.

What do you understand by the term “Disaster Management”?

Disaster Management is the collection of measures which are implemented before, during or after a calamity.

What is the role of communication in various phases of disaster management?

- Identifying the stakeholders

- Articulating the flow of information

- Identifying the channels of communication in order to reach out to various stakeholders
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