UG and PG courses in Siddha Medicine

What are the various courses with its duration offered by Siddha?

There are graduates and post graduate courses offered by siddha and they are as follows:

1. Bachelor program in Siddha medicine:

BSMS (Bachelor of Siddha Medicine & Surgery) - This is four and half years program which also includes one year of internship.
After doing this course one can choose a career in the field of pharmacy, gynaecology, teach, practitioner, etc. There are many employment opportunities which are present after the graduation level and after this level of course you can pursue higher level of education as well.
The overall cost is around Rs. 3, 00000- Rs. 4, 00000

2. Post graduation course – This is three years program and it includes the following specialties:

-General Medicine
- Pharmacology
- Special Medicine
- Pediatrics
- Pathology
- Toxicology

The post graduation will cost approximately Rs. 2, 50,000 – Rs. 3, 00,000
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