ULFA - Government Talks: Highlights

ULFA - Government Talks: Highlights

Question: ULFA and Government of Assam recently held tripartite talks under the chairmanship of Union Home Secretary. Highlight the key issues brought out by the ULFA during these talks.

The ULFA along with the Government of Assam and the Union Home Ministry recently held tripartite talks characterised by the following highlights:

• Early completion of peace progress so final settlement can be reached

• Issue of illegal migrants in Assam needs to be solved

• National Register of Citizens need to be updated

• Additional measures are needed for efficiently guarding the Indo-Bangladesh border to check infiltration from across the border

• All possible measures need to be taken to control illegal influx from across the border

• ULFA reps also called for power decentralisation from State level to local bodies for empowering local persons and initiating democratic process at the basic level

• Genuine grievances of the Assamese people also need to be addressed

Facts and Stats

• Undivided ULFA has around 5000 armed insurgents United Liberation Front of Asom/ULFA was formed on April 7th, 1979 by

- Bhimakanta Buragohain,
- Rajiv Rajkonwar alias Arabinda Rajkhowa,
- Golap Baruah alias Anup Chetia,
- Samiran Gogoi alias Pradip Gogoi,
- Bhadreshwar Gohain and
- Paresh Baruah

• ULFA has partitioned political and military wing

• Paresh Baruah is the commander in chief of the military wing

• Arabinda Rajkhowa is the Chairman of ULFA
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