UMTS testing CV sample - formats and templates

UMTS testing CV sample - formats and templates

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-Having around 3 years experience as Telecom Test Engineer
-VOIP and UMTS (3G) domain.
-Experience in 3G Technologies Viz, UMTS(RLC/MAC) and IMS
-Experience in VOIP Technologies Viz, SIP
-Knowledge in SDP and 3GPPSIP
-Knowledge in 2G/2.5G Technologies Viz, GSM and GPRS
-Well acquainted with Software development life cycle and Test methodologies
-Experience in developing Test cases and Test scripts , analyzing the results of execution, interaction with and team in reporting
-Good in Black box, functional, conformance, performance, load and system testing

Academic Qualifications

-M.S (Embedded Systems Design) from UK. 2008
-B.E (Electronics & Communication Engineering) at Anna University, INDIA. 2006

Technical Skills

-Technologies : VOIP, UMTS, IMS, GSM
-Protocols : SIP, 3GPP SIP, Layer 2 protocols (RLC, MAC),
-Languages : C, TTCN, Linux/UNIX Shell scripting
-Platform/OS : Linux, SUN Solaris UNIX, Windows 2000/Xp
-Tools :Anritsu PTS, Tektronics K1297, XLITE, Clear Quest, Bugzilla,
Clear Case, Ethereal, TTCN Telelogic TAU
-Other Skills : GPS, PERL scripting, Diameter protocol.

Work Experience

-Worked at ABC, UK from March 2010 to Dec 2010
-Working at A2Z, UK from Jan 2009 to Feb 2010


-Project : RLC/MAC protocol stack testing
-Team Size : 4
-Protocols : UMTS layer2 (RLC, MAC)
-Environment : Linux, Windows
-Tools : TTCN Telelogic tau, Anritsu PTS
-Role : Test Engineer


-RLC/MAC protocols forms the data link layer of UMTS radio networks.
-The RLC/MAC operates between RNC and UE networks. RLC can be operated in 3 modes like UM, TM and AM and performs typical layer 2 protocol functions like segmentation, reassembly, concatenation, padding, error detection, transfer of user data, etc.
-The RLC/MAC protocol stack is developed by Trillium and is sold as stand alone stack.
-This protocol stack is compliant to 3GPP TS 25.322 and TS 25.321. This project involves the protocol testing of RLC/MAC protocol by using TTCN. The TTCN scripts are developed by using Telelogic Tau 4.6.


-Prepared test cases for RLC conformance testing.
-Participated in test strategy discussions
-Performed conformance testing
-Used Clear Quest(CQ) for bug tracking and reporting
-Generated performance evaluation report
-Actively participated in status reporting meetings and interacted with team regarding technical issues in resolving them.
-Maintaining close liaison with team members and developers in order to ensure the requirements are fulfilled

Jan 2009 to May 2010

-Project : RNC System Testing
-Team Size : 3
-Protocols : UMTS layer2 (RLC, MAC)
-Environment : Solaris, Windows, VxWorks
-Tools : Tektronics K1297
-Role : Test Engineer


-The Nortel RNC 1500 has been specifically designed for high capability, reliability and scalability.
-This RNC is responsible for managing the UMTS and the WCDMA radio resources including call setup, tear down processing of both voice and data traffic.
-It also performs the soft and hard handoffs between the calls.
-This project involves the performance testing with the maximum speed of calls to RNC and also conformance testing is done to the layer2 (RLC, MAC) as defined to TS 25.322 and TS25.323.


-Performed performance and regression testing
-Used Clear Case(CC) for bug tracking and reporting
-Executed TTCN scripts on the RNC by using the Tektronics K1297 tool
-Generated performance evaluation report
-Actively participated in status reporting meetings and interacted with team regarding technical issues in resolving them.


DOB: 13 March 19......
Available upon request
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