UNHCR Resolution: Implications

UNHCR Resolution: Implications

Question : India has abstained from the UNHCR report condemning Israel over the UN report regarding Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Discuss the implications of the UNHCR resolution.

- India abstained from the UNHCR resolution condemning Israel over Operation Protective Edge in Gaza

- Although India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Paraguay and Macedonia abstained, the resolution was adopted as 41 countries voted in its favour.

- These comprised EU member countries Britain, France and Germany; China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Maldives from India’s neighbourhood and Russia.

- Israel’s strongest ally US was the only country to vote against the resolution.

- This marks the first time New Delhi abstained from voting on a UN resolution condemning Israel

- India has earlier voted in favour of such resolutions

- Despite India’s vote, the 47 member UNHRC adopted the resolution for

- “ensuring accountability and justice for all violations of international law in the occupied Palestinian territory including East Jerusalem” asking Israel and Palestine to prosecute alleged war crimes committed in the 2014 Gaza war

- The Council has also asked the parties to cooperate with the ICC’s probe

- This resolution welcomes the UNHRC report of alleged war crimes committed by Hamas and Israel

- It calls on all UN officials to implement the report’s recommendations and on UNHRC member states to support application of international law in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Facts and Stats

- Operation Protective Edge was launched in Gaza on 8th July 2014 by Israel

- This resulted in the death of 2,200 people, many being residents of Gaza

- The operation was expanded on 17th July to include Israel’s subduing the tunnel system of Gaza said to be harbouring militants and their equipment

- The operation lasted from 8th July to 26th August 2014 for a period of 1 month, 2 weeks and 4 days

- 69-75% of the causalities were Palestinians; economic cost of the damage is estimated at USD 2.5 billion
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