Universities offering courses in Environmental Sciences.

Which are the institutes offering courses in environmental science?

Various institutes and universities offering courses and training for environmental science subjects are:
- Indian Institute of Sciences, Banglore
- Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun
- School of Environmental Sciences, JNU, New Delhi
- GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, UP
- Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi
- Center for Environment Education, Ahmedabad
- Andhra University, Waltair

What are the challenges involved in the field of environmental science career?

As environmental sciences is a job related to the environment monitoring and conservation and the problems related with it, like pollution and waste management, the professionals not only have to work indoors, in office, but also have to work in the fields. For this they have to travel to the sites for study and remediation.

Another challenge is that for solving environmental problems, the environmental scientists need to plan a proper strategy and should be well versed with the local government and public for the cooperative and suitable remedy of the problems. As dealing with different officials and with the mass, only the academic knowledge is not sufficient, but creative skills are also required.

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