University education is a must for good placement

University education is a must for good placement

There is a huge difference between the school education and university education. The education in school allows the students to know about the basics of various subjects whereas the university education forms the base of student’s career. It is considered as most important time in a student’s life. After all, the main objective of education is to get a lucrative job to live a respectable life. However, some people consider university education as not so important and a complete waste of time. What do you think? Is university education must for a good placement?


• University education provides a qualification degree to a student which is the first step to qualify for a job interview. There are many companies who come in the campus for recruitment process.

• University education opens the gateway for the students to enter into a career or sector of their choice. Students can pursue a career depending on their personal preferences and capabilities.

• Degree is important and it is the reason why even after the placements companies spend huge money and send their employees to pursue higher degrees. It enables them to acquire specific skill sets.

• It is noticed that many people pursue higher education after a long gap. What makes them pursue higher education after a break? The absence of degree becomes a hindrance in their growth path.

• When it comes to making a career, it is necessary for an individual to have a refined behavior to adjust in social milieu. It comes from university education where students are exposed to people from different backgrounds.


• The advantages of university education have to be measured in relative terms like the duration of the course, cost of the entire course and the career prospects opened by pursuing the course.

• The placement opportunities depend much on the standard of university education. A university can offer 100% placements or no placement.

• University education cannot provide the practical training to the students. A degree cannot work in all situations.

• University education is of no use for the entrepreneurs or freelancers as job and business are two entirely different concepts.

• Instead of pursuing a degree, it is better for the students to opt for specific diploma courses which provide them with the skill sets to make a career in entirely different industry.


There is no doubt that education is an important part in people’s lives. Coming to university education, it is vital for the candidates to get a degree before they can even think of applying for any job. Without degree they are out of the selection process. However, if they want to start their venture, they can think to skip higher education. But for job, university education or a formal degree is a required obligation.
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  • RE: University education is a must for good placement -Deepa Kaushik (12/15/14)
  • University education is definitely required for placement in first place, and then we can talk of good or bad placement. Even for those into their own business, university education is always a handy tool. Business always runs on ups and downs. A degree at the background can help the person to stand up even if he falls to the root level.

    For the placement opportunities, we cannot talk of campus interviews, as this doesn’t imply to all the fields of education. But yes, a degree helps them to choose their field of interest. Though everyone is not lucky enough to get the job as per their interest and educational qualification; still, it is the government to be blamed for not providing enough employment opportunities in ratio to the number of pass-outs in a specific stream. We cannot blame or leave the University education for not getting an appropriate job.

    Coming on to the business class, even they need to have essential qualifications to supervise and get their business on the track with good profit output. Any negligence on the part of management destroys the firm and the person who owes the business should have the basic knowledge of the field of his business. Completely relying on his employees and stakeholders would be a risky move to invest on.

    Hence, on any sphere of life, the University education is going to benefit the person in some or the other way. We can definitely call it must for leading a secure life.