University education just helps the graduates get a good placement

University education just helps the graduates get a good placement

University education just helps the graduates get a good placement or do they benefit the society and individuals in a much wider way?
Discuss both the sides of the statement and take a stand.

The reason there is no word in English vocabulary as “overeducated” is that there is no education which goes waste or which satisfies just a sole purpose of a job. Education is enlightenment and the more one receives it, the better it is for his/her holistic development.

However, it is true that the major reason students opt for University education is to get a good job and a growing career. But at the same time, studying for a degree also paves a path for their personal growth, and provides a platform of meeting new people. It helps to enhance one’s “people skills” and instills a sense of competition. It makes a student more prepared for the challenges of the Corporate World.

At the same time, University life is not just about acquiring a degree, but is also about making new friends, having fun and exploring one’s interest areas and goals. But not every University provides this ideal environment.

How a University’s education impacts a student, depends upon the University itself. All of them do not operate at the same level of quality. One such case is that of Management Education in India. There has been a mushrooming of B-Schools in India over the last two decades. Most of these are autonomous bodies and do not follow University guidelines as they are not affiliated with any. They are just approved by AICTE as they may meet the minimum basic requirements of AICTE to get an approval. Hence, it becomes nearly impossible to keep a quality check on these institutes. Hence, though they are known to provide post graduation diplomas, the level of academic input in them becomes debatable.

However, a true University education is meant to benefit individuals and the society at large. The world is always changing and it is changing very fast. In order, to be always ahead of these changes, we need people with higher education. Technical experts who can cause technological breakthroughs, doctors who can make delicate and extremely specialised medical procedures, politicians who can make crucial policy, strategic, economic and financial planning decisions.

However, it would be a cliché to say that one cannot succeed in life without University Education. Bill Gates is the classic example of the same.

Hence, it can be concluded by saying that it is important to have higher education both for the individual and society but higher education does not mean merely acquiring the degree. Its scope is much beyond that.
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  • RE: University education just helps the graduates get a good placement -Nandan Kumar (11/08/14)
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  • RE: University education just helps the graduates get a good placement -Teena Bhatia (09/08/14)
  • The real education starts when people forget whatever they have learnt in school. But university education defines people’s career and it is something that stays embedded with people forever. It is the main source of earning helping people to live a respectable life. There is a significant difference between the school learning and university education. People have got a choice in university education as are not forced to pursue it but they do it because they want to make a career in it. Let us check out the pros and cons of university education:

    • As he title says, the first benefit resulting from university education is better career opportunities. It gives a qualification degree in hand which further enhances the probability of fetching a lucrative job. Even the MNCs and reputed firms recognize the fact and plans out recruitment campaigns in university schools.
    • University education is all about the choice and taking a decision on own. It is the personal responsibility of the candidate of entering into a specific stream. There is no compulsion and moreover, it allows candidates to pursue career specific courses. It is the way that leads to job satisfaction.
    • Taking a first step is not enough. To flourish, candidates should take second step which comes from a higher qualification. It won’t be wrong to say that university education enhances career advancements. Later, employers also sent their employees to get higher degrees so that they can acquire specific skill set for enhancing work efficiency.
    • University education doesn’t stop anyone from [pursuing courses on age factor. Unlike schools, there is no age bar in university education. If due to some problems, you were not able to pursue post graduation at age of 21, you can always do it when you are 25.
    • University education opens a rich platform of social and cultural environment for students. They meet people from different social, geographical and financial backgrounds. It sharpens the students’ behavior and attitude to live comfortably in social milieu.

    • University education benefits can sometimes vary when measured in relative terms like cost paid and time given in pursuing the course. Sometimes pursuing a course without doing any research can cost both money and time to students.
    • Quality of university education speaks a lot in itself. If it is not up to the standards, students won’t get practical learning. In fact it can act opposite and create barriers in open minds.
    • University education can shape the career when it is job specific but it cannot provide with the insight and skills needed by entrepreneurs, freelancers or new startups.
    • There are many students who are not from sound financial background and pursue higher education by taking debt or loans. Loan taken for university education can force students to start with a job that doesn’t match with its skill sets.
    • Sometimes students leave their existing jobs to pursue higher education only to find after some years that they did a mistake by leaving their steady job. Working people should continue with their education along with their job.