US and its Policy of Containment

US and its Policy of Containment

Question-The US vowed to prevent the spread of communism by Soviet Union. They did this by offering support to non communist nations and other weaker nations who could be tempted to adopt communism. What was the role played by US in this direction. Explain the Policy of Containment.

- This was a policy or approached adopted by US in order to contain the spread of Communism after the end of WWII. President Harry Truman was aware of the evils of communism that would threaten the democratic freedom of its people. Soviet Union looked to set up a world based on their country’s values.

- A part of the Cold War, this policy was an articulate response to a series of actions taken on part of Soviet Union to spread communist influence in Eastern Europe, China, Korea, Africa, and Vietnam. It acted as a middle-ground position between appeasement and rollback.

- Although the Soviet claimed economic and social rights to its citizens, the US looked at communism as a threat that violated democratic rights and civil liberties of its citizens. US, thus felt that its continued efforts were required to prevent its spread to the US and other nations which were not politically inclined towards the Soviet Union communism.

- The Policy of Containment stated that the US would do everything to prevent the spread of Communism by creating strategic alliances or lend support in form of military, economic or technical in order to help weaker nations resist the communist advances from Soviet Union.

- A policy initially devised by the US diplomat George Kennan, it helped in blocking the expansion of Soviet Union and communism. He is regarded as the father of containment and has inspired the Truman Doctrine.

- The basic idea of the policy was to make other countries prosperous and self sufficient so as to avoid the temptation of adopting communism.

- The Truman's doctrine was part of the overall containment strategy where other elements included Marshal Plan, Four Point program, and NATO. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was concerned with a mutual defense pact.
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