Various career avenues that are there for me in this particular field

I want to know the various career avenues that are there for me in this particular field.

In India there was a boom in this industry couple of years back with a lot of companies and training institutes entering this field. Most companies except a few could not survive due to lack of proper training and understanding of this comparatively new concept in India. By improving the work standards and quality of service, India has a wide scope for capturing the huge clientele in the US and provide employment opportunities to the huge mass of English speaking and computer literate people in the country. The success of the surviving companies proves that Medical transcription can hold a vital link in altering the Indian job scenario.

In India, lot of companies in the metros and major cities has ventured into the field of medical transcription. As the major requirement in this particular field is experience, these companies are expected to recruit a lot of people as trainees and then develop their skills so that they become experts in this field. Induj Infotech Ltd. of the S. Kumar group based in Mumbai, Infoscript Services Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, Webcom Infotech Ltd. in Mumbai, Pioneer Transcription Systems in Delhi etc are some of the companies in MT.

There are lots of options available in this field not only in India but also abroad. You may choose to work from home for yourself. Another option would be to work outside your home in a hospital or for a medical transcription service. Other options include working in a doctor's office, insurance company, attorney's office, or a company marketing medical products or a medical book publishing company.
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