Various career options related to Investment Management

I want to know the various career options that are related to this particular field.

There are various career options in the field of investment management, they are as follows:

Investment/Financial analyst – Most of the business corporations and large pension fund firms require analysts to do the analytical work, which is required before an investment is made. They keep a close check on the buying and selling of securities after analysing stocks, taking a view on their future outlook and circulating research internally. Candidates with bachelor’s degree are placed in this job. Work experience of 1-2 years as financial analyst, is an added advantage to a top business school.

Investment Advisory – The primary role of an investment advisor is to provide investment advice, to conduct a performance evaluation and quantitative analysis to the money management sector. They give their valuable suggestions on buying and selling of the securities and regarding the investment of money at the right time. For this particular job profile a very thorough knowledge of current financial market trends.

Investment manager/Portfolio manager – An investment manager should have in-depth knowledge and understanding about the followed market trends. They are heavily dependent on the research of analysts in regards to various aspects of investment. They are responsible of investing clients’ money in profitable ventures. They are basically hired by money management firms or pension fund as to fulfil their predetermined goals.

Portfolio Management Marketing – It deals with the marketing side of investment management. To be eligible for this post one should show outstanding communication and sales skill. Companies demand for candidates who can make authoritative suggestions about their larger investments.

Hedge Fund Principal/Trader – These are the private funds that involve large sums invested in currencies, bonds, stocks etc. These funds hire analysts and trader and have exhibited rapid growth in recent times.

Securities brokers & Equity analyst – They have the authority to place orders to buy and sell securities. Some of them work as dealers while the others are principally advisors. They offer their services for both, institutional clients as well as individuals entities. There is a tremendous growth in equity market which has increased the scope in equity market. Equity analysts are involved in continuous research of companies’ performance, financial management and risk return analysis of investment in equity shares.
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