Various fields and future in Geography

What does a career in Geography entail?

Geography can be described as the study of the earth, its location and the distribution of its physical and cultural features such as climate, soils, vegetation, minerals, water and other human resources.

It deals with the digging down of the facts of the earth. People associated with this field are known as Geographers.
They mainly study the physicalities of the environment and its various effects on humans, weather and climatic conditions and cultures.
But the scope of modern day geographers extends beyond describing the earth.

What are the various fields of study in this and what future does it hold?

• Physical Geography- In this field you learn about the physical components of the earth such as its rivers, the climate, natural hazards, etc. It is further subdivided into

- geomorphology,
- hydrology,
- coastal geography,
- oceanography,
- quaternary science,
- landscape ecology,
- climatology
- Environmental geography.

• Human geography – In this field you would learn about humans and the various political, social, cultural and economic activities. The subdivision of human geography are:
- economic geography,
- cultural geography,
- political geography,
- health geography,
- urban geography,
- historical geography,
- Marketing geography social geography.

With the latest developments in the field of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS), careers in geography are becoming more encouraging.
Remote Sensing is the science that acquires information about an object, area or anything, without direct contact with the objects.

GIS is a computer based information system which is used to digitally represent and analyse the geographic features present on the earth surface and the events that take place on it. In GIS data collection, GPS (Global Positioning System) technology which uses satellites and computers to compute positions anywhere on earth with accuracy and flexibility, has tremendous amount of applications.
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