Various job openings for astronomers and skills required to succeed.

What are the additional skills required to perform a job well in astronomy?

The graduates in this field of science should be proficient in Physics and Mathematics. They must have good programming skills along with the curiosity and ability to search out the answers. As an astronomy professional the aspirant has to work both individually and with the team for long and tiring hours, thus good communication and interpersonal skills are prerequisites of this career. They should be ready to explore new things and should be able to complete any task with patience and perseverance.

Which are the various job openings for astronomy graduates?

Astronomy graduates can either work as a Research Scientist for various research oriented programmes. There are several research institutes and government organizations that employ research scientist on a regular basis.

Professionals who are specialist in astronomy and astrophysics can opt for career in education field, wherein they can work as faculty, lecturers or professors in colleges and universities.

Those who have expertise in handling astronomical instrumentation and who are good in computer programming and handling data’s proficiently can get jobs in the industry and research institutes.
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