Various job profiles in retail management

What are the various job profiles in retail management that I can choose from?

There are various job profiles that you can choose from, some are mentioned below:

Sales – This is the entry level post of retail business. Every retail company is dependent on the sales they get, i.e. this is one of the most important posts in the profession. If you want to be a good sales person, then you should have good knowledge about the products you are dealing with, the shop, the customers, etc. Sales associate, Sales Manager, Department manager are some of the posts you could handle in this section.

Store Manager – Store managers or General Managers or Store Directors are the people who manage an individual store and its day-to-day functioning. All the employees of the store fall under the store manager’s charge and they all report to a District or Area manager or the store’s owner.

Retail Manager – Planning and co-ordination of the operations of the outlet is handled by retail manager. This includes the layout of merchandise, monitoring the retail orders and stock, analysing the supply, etc. If you have MBA as your educational qualification then you can start off as a retail manager.

Retail Buyers and Merchandisers – Proper selection and then purchasing of the goods for the retail shop is done by people in this profile. The main requirement in this profile is that the person should understand the needs of the customers, should be aware of the trends in the market, and should possess great enthusiasm and energy.

Visual Merchandisers – They are the front-end people who give the brand a face, i.e. why their position is one of the very crucial positions in the industry. Being a part of the concept and design you could also be a technical designer, product developer and store planner.

There are other profiles too, such as Supply Chain Distributors, Logistics and Warehouse Managers, Marketing Executives, etc. It is totally dependent on you as per your interest to choose a profile to work. You should keep your interest and personal skills in mind before you opt for any one of the above job profile.
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