Various positions and earning potential for Bioinformatics Professionals

What are the various positions available for graduates from different stream who have pursued Bioinformatics course?

Various career opportunities for aspirants from different stream are:

- Professionals who have a background of life sciences can work as scientific curator, Gene analyst, protein analyst or Research scientist / Associate.

- Computer science graduates can look for the job openings with the name of Data Base Programmer, Bioinformatics Software Developer, and Computational Biologist etc.

- Graduates of Applied Sciences can work as Structural Analyst, Molecular Modeler, Biomechanics and Database Programmer.

- Aspirants who want to enter into the Pharmaceutical sector can work as Cheminformatician, Pharmacogenetician, Research scientist / Associate.

What is the salary package a Bioinformatics professional can get?

As the field of Bioinformatics needs skilled and academically proficient workforce, the salary range is also on the higher side. Professionals working in the government sector can expect a starting salary of Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 15000/-, whereas the professionals working in the private sector or high end research institutes can earn even more and their pay packet can start from Rs.15000/- to Rs.20000/-. Those who are engaged in research work get higher compensation along with the allowances.
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