Various tasks in Travel, Tourism and Hotel industry

What are the various tasks that I have to perform while working in this field?

People working in these sectors should perform the following duties:

- You should keep yourself up-to-date on current rules and regulations and guide your colleagues on the same.

- You should have proper documentation to help your juniors at the time of requirements in the areas like cargo, ticketing and passports, visas, etc.

- You should be on time and should perform their responsibilities by finishing up your work on time and by correctly advising the clients on the issues faced by them.

- You should take care of the paperwork done by the clients and keep a proper documentation of the same.

- Staff working in these sectors should be aware of places their clients visit and facilities that are available to them. This will allow the staff and management to take the right decision on improving their services if necessary.

- People should provide correct knowledge to the clients regarding their stay, travel and places which they are going to visit. This will help to build the trust between the industry and the clients.
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