Verifone Campus Placement Paper - Technical Questions

Verifone Campus Placement Paper - Technical Questions

Some of the technical questions asked in the placement papers in last some years are:

What does CMRR relate to?

a. Voltage follower
b. Non inverting amplifier
c. Inverting amplifier
d. Integrator

Give an example of circuit with nand gates.

Choose from the below mentioned options to handle asynchronous events

a. Polling
b. Interrupt

If you have to go to first record from the last and vice versa, which data structure will be used for the same?

If you observe too many page faults, describe the problem

Define SQL.

Integer a = 1, b = 2, c = 3
Printf(ā€œ%d,%dā€, a,b,c)

What shall be the output for the above given equation>

What should a real time operating system consist of

a. Fast context switch
b. Virtual memory

Can all rescues pgm be written iteratively?

What will be the complexity of the efficient sorting logo given that 10000 numbers and 48 MB memory?

What will you use to implement critical section?

Choose amongst the following option that is not done by Data Link Layer?

a. Bit stuffing
b. LRC
c. CRC
d. Parity check

Write the full form of SQL.

What is the scope of static variable?
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