Verifone Campus Placement - Procedure, Information & Questions

Verifone Campus Placement - Procedure, Information & Questions

Verifone, a global leader in secure electronic payment technologies while providing solutions, services and their expertise to enable electronic payment transactions to happen at the point of sale smoothly and without any obstructions. For example, post shopping when you make payments through credit card, the machine in which the card is swiped they are experts in producing those machines. They have offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The selection procedure for Verifone takes place by beginning with a written test followed by a technical round of interview and lastly the HR round. The written test is divided into two sections, aptitude and the technical section with totality of 50 questions to be completed in 45 minutes.

The technical section covers topics from subjects including electronics, computer networks, operating systems, compilers and algorithms, DBMS, Data structures and C programming. Electronics being the main part hence covers 15 questions from electronics whereas there are 5 questions each from all the other topics mentioned above.

Some of the questions observed in the aptitude section in previous year's placement papers are:

• If the area of the square is increased by 69% how much the length of the side will increase?

• The sum of 5 consecutive numbers is 35, how many prime numbers are there?

• There are 27 tennis balls, out of which 1 is heavier. How many times will you weigh to find out the ball which is heavier than others?

• There are 20 volleyball players and 30 squash players and tennis cricket players. 1 of them plays all the 3 games, 8 plays at least 2 games. The total number of players is 50. How many of them play none of the above mentioned games.

• M is 20 miles east of L. O is 30 miles east of N. P is 10 miles north of O. N is 20 miles north of M. how far is P from L.

• There were 36 chairs, in how many ways can you place all the chairs such that all rows have equal number of chairs and at least 3 chairs are there in each row along with 3 rows.

The technical round of interview involves questions from Data structures, C programming, operating systems, and computer networks. Some of the questions observed in this section are:

• Explain finite automata?

• Throw some light on real time system?

• What do you know about binary search, traversal and hashing?

• Describe indexing in databases?

• What is your understanding of atomicity?

• Explain unit testing and integration testing?

Lastly it is the HR round which is conducted in each and every company. The intensity of the HR round depends upon company to company. The HR round is basically done to judge the interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, ability to handle work stress, decision making abilities as well as communication skills of the candidate. You can expect question covering the details entered by you in your CV for example, personal and family background, educational details, details on projects and internships taken up by you in your college curriculum, hobbies and interests, some puzzles, case studies and why would you like to join the company.

The best way that you can adopt to pass in all the round is by firstly being thoroughly prepared with the technical subjects for your written round especially into electronics as maximum questions are covering this topic secondly during the technical as well as the HR round the key important feature is being confident. If you are thorough with your subjects, you will neither face any problems in the technical section of the written round nor in the technical interview round.
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