VIRTUSA - English questions from previous years

VIRTUSA – English questions from previous years

Read the comprehension mentioned below and accordingly answer the questions that are about to follow:

It is the need of the hour, for the sake of human existence that we must continually look forward to undoing what evils history has brought, the evils which are a result of information of the physical world hurriedly and apparently gained to prominence by people living, who are actually not aware themselves of the changes that this physical world has brought upon them, if for nothing else then for the progress of human sciences.

The road leading to a much happier world than any known before lays open arms if the horrific destructive obsessions of humankind can be kept in check. Fear is omnipresent, it has always been there, it always will be there, but hope is power which is equally rational and far more competent of producing good fruit. The point of all this is that we must for once learn to think less about the danger looming ahead and needing avoidance and more of the good that will come to us if we believe enough in it, and let good dominate our thoughts for a change. Science is arguably the most basic liberator from everything destructive. We, in the age that we are living in are on the threshold of a gigantic disaster or achievement unprecedented. No previous generation has fought with a crisis so huge yet ignored and science could be our saviour.

1. Science is the liberator from what?

A. Bondage to nature
B. Ideas of a beautiful future
C. Slavery in these passions
D. Destructive obsessions

2. To begin a brighter future, a man should?

A. Analyse all the immense dangers that may occur
B. Try to avoid all these dangers
C. Have a better outlook of things
D. Overcome fears with violence

3. Fear and Hopes according to the author:

A. Are equally rational and are closely linked
B. Can bear good fruit
C. Can be both for good and worse
D. Are irrational in nature

4. According to the author, in a time like this what is our only hope?

A. Wisdom
B. Science
C. Weapons
D. Character

5. If the bestial yearning of a man is under control

A. A man’s bestial yearning is under control
B. Future will be a lot better than present
C. Present is a lot better than future
D. Present could actually become liveable

Read the comprehension mentioned below and accordingly answer the questions that are about to follow:

Charles Darwin said those four words that whole world, mindful world that is, is aware of, “Survival of the Fittest”. Weak fall prey to the strong. Weak and soft structured animals, Caterpillars in particulars are a species that often ends up as prey to insatiable predators like reptiles and birds. Despite being the clear loser in this fight and having no immediate means of defence with weapons like jaws or claws, they have evolved equally efficient counter mechanisms.

There is a species of caterpillars, a particular species living at altitudes as high as 2,500 metres in Himalayas. The species uses outstanding color the get information of its predators in terms of their edibility. In turn of events when a predator did kill the caterpillar, it would vomit it soon after and hence forth further resist from attacking the same type of creature again. Although it will do the poor martyr no good, it is the species that benefits. Thick is a rare example of martyrism among animal kingdom.

6. What is the meaning of “other equally efficient counter mechanisms”?

A. Preventive weaponry which has equal effect
B. Mechanism which will help in scaring off predators equally well
C. Deterrents which can be related to caterpillars equally well
D. A preventive equipment which is as good as something already told in the passage

7. The main reasons caterpillars fail to defend themselves is because?

A. Caterpillars are lazy animals
B. Caterpillars have no weapons
C. Caterpillars are passive animals
D. Caterpillars have no jaws or claws in them

8. Himalayan Caterpillar uses the technique of outstanding color to:

A. Reveal its identity
B. Defend itself
C. Warn itself of a predator attack
D. Attack the predator

9. Birds do not attack these Himalayan Caterpillars because they think that they are?

A. Repulsive
B. Aggressive
C. Inedible
D. Sick

10. According to the passage, a martyr is one who dies

A. For saving others’ life
B. For no gain of his own
C. Without putting up a fight
D. While defending his homeland

Fill in the blanks with most appropriate answer from the options given below:

11. The sun ___ at 7 last evening

A. Set
B. Setted
C. Was setting
D. Sat

12. A responsible father help his children ____ their homework.

A. Do
B. Studying
C. To doing
D. In doing

13. All of us ______ cricket each and every day of the week when we were young.

A. Use to play
B. Were playing
C. Would play
D. Were used to play

14. This room ______ for a conference this evening.

A. Used
B. Is used
C. Is using
D. Is being used

15. When I stood there ______ to Anjali, she was done packing her lunch.

A. Speak
B. For talk
C. To speak
D. Spoke

16. Despite his best effort, despite ______ hard, he could not clear the entrance exam.

A. He studied
B. Studying
C. He has studied
D. Study

17. She ________ with lunch by the time I stepped in the canteen.

A. Finished
B. Was finished
C. Have finished
D. Had finished

18. She will ______ my dog while I am off for Hawaii.

A. Be looking at
B. Be looking into
C. Be looking after
D. Be looking over

19. By the time mother arrives, we ______ our assignment.

A. Will have finished
B. Will finish
C. Were finish
D. Finish

20. Only if he _____ about the financial trouble she was facing, he would have helped her out.

A. Had been knowing
B. Had known
C. Knew
D. Have known
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  • The total marks in placement paper of Virtusa is 85. The number of questions can be from 15-20. Also the exam is divided into 3 sections.