Virtusa - Mathematical aptitude questions

Virtusa - Mathematical aptitude questions

1. Eighteen years ago, a father was three times as old as his son. Now the father is only twice as old as his son. Then the sum of the present ages of the son and the father is

A. 54
B. 72
C. 105
D. 108

2. The price of a T.V set worth Rs.20, 000 is to be paid in 20 installments of Rs. 1000 each. If the rate of interest be 6% per annum, and the first installments be paid at the time of purchase, then the value of the last installments covering the interest as well will be

A. Rs.1050
B. Rs.2050
C. Rs.3000
D. Rs.19000

3. A batsman makes a score of 87 runs in the 17th inning and thus increases his averages by 3.Find his average after 17th inning?

A. 19
B. 29
C. 39
D. 49

4. A train 100 m long is running at the speed of 30 km/hr. Find the time taken by it to pass a man standing near the railway line.

A. 10 sec.
B. 12 sec.
C. 14 sec.
D. 16 sec.

5. The angle of elevation of the sun, when the length of the shadow of a tree is v3 times the height of the tree is

A. 30°
B. 45°
C. 60°
D. 90°

6. Aman started a business investing Rs.70,000. Rakhi joined him after six months with an amount of Rs. 1, 05,000 and Sagar joined them with Rs.1.4 lakhs after another six months. The amount of profit earned should be distributed in what ratio among Aman, Rakhi and Sagar respectively, 3 years after Aman started the business?

A. 7: 6: 10
B. 12: 15: 16
C. 42: 45: 56
D. cannot be determined
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