Vision versus passion

Vision versus passion


Any enterprise begins with a dream, or the final frontier. In order to turn the dream into a reality, we need to be clear about the route map to realize our dream, or passion.

Vision and passion

Every organization has a vision and a mission:

• A vision statement for any organization is an expression of their long-term goals; what they want in the bigger picture, over a period of time. This is what makes a brand; something that the company stands for.

• A mission statement refers to the short term goals of an organization, in terms of what they want to achieve in measurable terms. It can be explained in detail, and speaks about how to reach their vision through their business activities.

Passion is the fire that burns inside you, which keeps you going when everything else seems to be lost. It is the intense desire about anything that we feel very strongly about. It could be different for different people. Maths might be a passion for some people, teaching might be a passion with others, music might be a passion for yet others, and launching their own enterprise might be the burning desire for some others.

When you start your own venture, you will doubtlessly set your vision and mission statements, and create a detailed business plan. Things may not always pick up pace in the beginning. It will take any new venture some time to establish itself, attract clients or customers, and prosper. The vision is a collective term for all the activities that we do to get our venture going. For instance, getting contacts, discussing business with people, selling the idea to prospective clients, and getting people to invest in the idea.

During this stage, it is our passion that will keep us going. We have to visualize our success in order to achieve it. If passion gives us the dream, then our vision builds the road to achieve that dream. In other words, if passion is the heart, then the vision is the brain.


Passion is the fodder that keeps us running even when our feet are aching, when our soles are begging to pause, and take a break. Passion kicks in when rationale tells us otherwise. In life, we need both our passion, and our vision for the passion. Success is not elusive to those who know when to run the engine with passion, and clarity in vision.
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