Voting should be made compulsory

Voting Should Be Made Compulsory

Voting is not just a right, it is also a responsibility. People who vote during the elections in India represent just a percentage of the total population.

Voting should be made compulsory so that the leaders who are elected deserve to lead the nation. India needs to become more politically literate. Giving people the right to vote is not enough.

You need to make voting mandatory as this ensures that people learn about their position with respect to issues such as social change, empowerment, financial policies and other aspects that are of critical importance for national growth and development.


• Indian voters need to become more involved in the electoral process. Currently, there are gaps between the urban and rural areas of India when it comes to critical issues such as growth and development. Encouraging Indians to vote is not enough. Electoral politics has become rampant because only a cross section of the population bothers to vote. This can change if voting is made compulsory.

• Australia is one of 10 countries across the globe which mandates that voting is compulsory. It is doing well on the economic front. Countries like the island nation of Singapore are forging ahead because all its citizens are mandated by law to cast their votes.

If India wants to rival the growth and development of such countries, the legislators and the bureaucrats must summon the courage to initiate processes for making voting mandatory.

• In a number of countries where casting a vote is option, researchers have found that voter turnout does not reach a healthy percentage. Low voter turnout can often tip the scales and cause unworthy candidates to secure a victory.

If a citizen is satisfied with the performance of a particular political party, he or she should vote for it rather than abstaining from the process simply because of laziness or apathy.

• Voter apathy has become a big problem in many parts of India. Local and central governments are spending huge amount of money and resources to create campaigns that encourage people to vote. This expenditure can be eliminated if voting were to be made compulsory.

• Compulsory voting came about in several nations as a response to poor voter turnout. This has remedied the situation for these nations to a large extent. Consider the following facts. Australia has reported more than 90% voter turnout for each election since the year that voting was made compulsory for all its citizens.

• Compulsory voting is all about people making the state accountable for all its actions. If the while nation is made to vote at the polls, problems such as vote capturing and criminalization of politics would be eliminated.

There are a huge number of initiatives that the local and central governments can take to make the process easy. Postal voting procedures, online voting methods, week-end voting processes as well as automated electoral enrolment are ideal for handling the huge volume of voters.


Not having enough time to vote is cited as one of the most common excuses cited by those who do not bother going to the polls. If Indian voters are encouraged to exercise their right to vote, strength in numbers can eliminate electoral malpractices. If the entire nation judges the performance of the regional or central government, elections will reflect the true hopes and aspirations of the Indian population.
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  • essays -trinadh thota (12/30/14)
  • sir , please send me essays on topics
  • RE: Voting should be made compulsory -Deepa Kaushik (05/04/14)
  • Voting should be made compulsory. Even if it is not a compulsion, it is the duty of every citizen of the country to cast their right to vote. As the voting percentage never reaches the so called 100 percentage, we are here in an awkward situation of making the voting compulsory in our country.

    Before making the voting a compulsion, we definitely need to analyse the reason for which we are not getting the citizens out of their houses to decide the most important issue in the country? Despite the democracy, why are people so ignorant regarding casting their vote?

    Reason is very much clear that people no more believe in any of the contesting candidates. The politics has become a mean game without any sort of healthy and appreciable moves. Many of those who vote just chose a candidate in order to excise their duty without any respect or expectations from the candidates.

    It is very important to have the NOTA, the no confidence note in the electoral selection process, so that people who do not want to choose any candidate, should have the power to announce that clearly. Only with such an option, it would be just to make voting compulsory.
  • Voting should be made compulsory -Farhana Afreen (04/03/14)
  • Voting should be made compulsory?

    Crores of money is wasted during every election and yet the benefit out of the system of election is hardly reached. And when a party comes to power it is found to be not one of the most liked parties of the country. People openly criticize the government when things go wrong but isn’t it us who brought them to power; either by our votes or by not casting votes. They come to power by only 20 to 30 percent of votes simply because a larger population of the country doesn’t vote at all. If you want change to happen in the system, you have to contribute your part to the mission that could bring change and voting is one such contribution.

    People easily neglect elections since they believe all parties are corrupt at the end of the day and whoever comes to power will continue with the same process of corruption and selfish government. This is not true. It is not power that makes a person corrupt but giving power to a corrupt person that troubles the entire system and its people. It is high time that voting should be made compulsory in India. It is only when everyone castes votes, politicians will come to know of the real power of common man. We complain about the fact that a larger proportion of politicians in India have criminal charges against them and those are not the charges that were put on them after they came into power. It is clear that a wrong and undeserving person was voted to the authoritative post. Who do you think is responsible for this? It is none other than the common people of India who neglect their right to vote and choose the right person who can run the government in the right way.

    In all democratic countries around the world, it is found that the poorer part of the country takes the least interest in voting. Their demands and needs remain unfulfilled since they do not cast votes and politicians are well aware of this fact. In countries like India where majority of the population is below poverty line, it is hard to estimate that a larger proportion of the votes are actually not casted hence wasting their chance to choose the right leader.

    The promises that politicians make during election campaigns are only castles made in air and they completely forget about it once they come into power only because they know the turnout of people that actually have cast their votes to bring him into power. The present government was deaf and dumb to the demands and cries of the nation in regard to some of the most heinous crimes that increased last year. It is all because they consider the people of India to be weak and of no harm to their power and position. They have no fear that in next election, the same people might choose some other party or person to handle the responsibilities in a rather better way.

    Making elections a compulsory act for every individual that owns a voter ID will ensure maximum number of turnouts and hence alert the corrupt leader of their falling down. There were times when people’s right to vote was being fought for in a democracy. And now when we have got the right, we are lazy enough to utilize it. Not using the power to cast vote is like wasting the sacrifices that our freedom fighters made making India a free and democratic nation.

    Creating awareness amongst people for voting is not the way to ensure that everyone castes their votes. Only the learnt and socially aware citizens shall follow the norm but what about the larger proportion of poor and illiterate people of the nation? There are instances and cases where it is said that people of certain region or religion are prevented from reaching the voting booths by the party people. Especially in rural areas this kind of crimes might be highly in practice and hence the undeserving criminals are voted to power. If voting is made compulsory these kind of nasty practices can be stopped and a change could be brought in the existing form of government.