Water scarcity in India and associated social problems

Water scarcity in India and associated social problems

Question - Write a note on water scarcity in India and social problems arising due to it.

Water scarcity – Water scarcity involves water shortage or water crisis which is caused due to the natural or human activities.

Most of the cities in India have been a victim of water scarcity. It has become one of the greatest problem in India.

Causes of water scarcity - There are a numerous number of factors which causes water scarcity in a particular region. They can be industrialization, development, huge population growth etc.

- Traditional techniques of irrigation – Such methods causes maximum water loss due to evaporation, drainage and extensive use of groundwater.

- Lack of water management – The lack of water management and distribution of water between urban consumers, agriculture and industries are also a factor that causes water scarcity.

- Population Expansion – Due to a large growth in population, This means that the water used for drinking and other purposes have increased.

- Urbanization – A lot of people are migrating from rural to urban areas in search of employment. Cities tend to hold a lot more people that cities or villages, thus, a

- Pollution – Air and water pollution contribute to the issue of water scarcity. Many industries directly discharge the waste into the water bodies, thus creating water pollution. It creates scarcity of water in the nearby areas.

Need for water conversation : The problem of water scarcity is increasing at an alarming rate. The problem of water is local as well as global. Thus, there is an immediate need to address this issue.

Water conservation is the best method to solve the issue of water scarcity in India. Conservation of water means protecting the water from wastage and pollution.

Water like many other products cannot be manufactured. Hence, it should be conserved in a proper way at the right time for the use in future.

In order to increase the fresh water supply, conservation of water is necessary. The demand of water is increasing day by day whereas the resources are limited. The fresh water sources are very limited.

Water Conservation is important in order to prevent the soil erosion caused due to increased demand of irrigational activities.

Conserving water will help a city to plan for more efficient use of water resources

Different ways of conserving water – There are several ways that can be adopted to conserve the water. Few of them are:

- Reducing the wastage of water

- Protection of clean water from pollution

- Usage of protective covering around the trees. It helps to keep the moisture for a long time.

- Usage of better canal systems as it will help to use the saved water in future.

- Outdated methods of irrigation should be stopped in order to prevent the water from wastage.

- Rain harvesting

Activities undertaken to create water awareness – The society and the government should create an awareness among the people regarding the concept of water conservation. The issue of water scarcity should be bought into the limelight in order to generate an action. Activities that can be undertaken to create an awareness about water conservation are:

- Setting up a managing committee at the local level to discuss the issue of water scarcity. NGO's should also be a part of this activity. The committee should address the problem of water scarcity and how to conserve water.

- Circulation of water conservation posters – It is said that a picture can speak a thousand words. Circulation of posters with message conveying images are an effective way to promote the issue.

- Role of schools and colleges – Schools and colleges of every district in India should conduct classes to educate about the consequence of water scarcity.

- Campaigns- Campaigns with demonstration should be carried out across the cities. It will help to create an awareness among the mass regarding the issue of loss of water.

Social Problems caused due to water scarcity – Every problem has its own consequences. Water scarcity has a great impact on the people and the society.

Health – Health is the primary issue caused to water scarcity or impure water. People often get contaminated water which spoil their health. In rural India, many people are prone to death due to the contamination of water. Less water does not allow the sewage to flow properly. It attracts mosquitoes and spreads disease like malaria etc.

Hunger – Around 70% of the water sources are used for irrigation and agricultural purposes. Thus, to satisfy our hunger, we need sufficient amount of water to grow crops.

Education – In India, water scarcity has a great effect on the students. In most of the places, especially in rural India, children have to walk miles to get water. This acts as a barrier in the education system. Children are distracted from the studies and they get tired during the process. In certain places, girls are debarred from going to schools, so that they can fetch water for the domestic purposes.
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