Ways to prevent scams like Vyapam

Ways to prevent scams like Vyapam

Question - The Vyapam scam is the latest in a long line of such corruption scandals. Discuss the steps which can be taken to prevent such scams in India.

India has experienced a tradition of scams and scandals. There are many steps which can be taken for preventing the rise of such scams.

• Firstly, there should be greater disclosure requirement by governments regarding concessions or agreements and contracts that involve assets/public money.

• Secondly, there should be transparency in the manner in which public private partnerships are conducted

• Parliamentary committees should also work towards transparency and accountability so that governmental functioning is smooth, seamless and free of corruption

• White collar crimes should be detected and punished regardless of the rank or status of the offender

• Criminal justice system should be reformed to deal with complicated financial, educational and other such scams in recent times

• Media should be given the right to express its opinion freely and without any restrictions so that such scams are unearthed

• Mandatory disclosure by government should be conducted in all public contracts and cases where public money is being used

• Legislation such as RTI should be effectively implemented

• Government should hire technocrats and experts to oversee the contracts so that they have the best legal and advisory aid

• Fast tracking of cases and rapid prosecution in case of scams must become a norm rather than just a trend

• Work on ensuring governmental policy is associated with the public and not just private agendas

• Legislation is also needed for the regulation of lobbyists and business chambers

• Aim should be to protect and ensure effective implementation of policies

• Ensure that policies are not riddled with loopholes for further exploitation

Facts and Stats

• Vyapam scam involves corruption in the conduct of the MP Professional Examination Board or Vyavsayik Pareeksha Mandal

• Corrupt officials have been alleged to have taken money for enabling students to gain access to professional courses such as pre-medical, pre-engineering and MCA

• Current allegations involve teaching recruitments

• For the first time in the history of India, a governor has been indicted in the proceedings; MP governor Ram Naresh Yadav is alleged to be involved in the scam along with the CM of the state
• Whistleblower is an IT expert of Indore who has assisted the Special Task Force/STF

• Evidence includes an excel sheet document with names of several candidates and people who have made recommendations for them

• Delhi HC has granted protection to the whistleblower who has submitted the evidence to the court

• SC has asked STF to complete the probe in 4 months
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