What are the career opportunities after B. Pharm?

What are the career opportunities after B. Pharm?

One can seek career opportunities in different capacities. There are jobs available in private and public sector in healthcare, medical, research, chemical and educational institutions. One can also choose to open his/own medical store or can start his own company for manufacturing/production of various medicines.

However one can find job after B. Pharm in following profiles:

- Analytical Chemist
- Chemical/Drug Technician
- Clinical pharmacist
- Clinical Researcher
- Community pharmacist
- Customs Officer
- Data Manager
- Drug Inspector
- Drug Therapist
- Health Inspector
- Hospital Drug Coordinator
- Hospital pharmacist
- Medical Transcriptionist
- Quality Assurance Health Manager
- Quality Control Manager
- Regulatory Manager
- Sales and Marketing Executives
- Teaching

What are the working conditions for a pharmacist?

The working premises of pharmacists are generally clean, well-lighted and well-ventilated. Though they sometimes have to work with some dangerous pharmaceutical products and for this they take necessary precautions like wearing gloves and masks etc. Many community and hospital pharmacies are open for long hours or 24*7, so pharmacists may also choose to work in evenings, nights, weekends and holidays. This given them the option to work as part-timer also. Consultant pharmacists may have to travel to hospitals or nursing homes to check patient’s drug therapy.
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