What are the career prospects after learning French? Should I learn it online?

What are the career prospects after learning French? Should I learn it online?

I am a student of BA English honours. I am interested in learning French and would like to make my career in the same line. There are websites that claim to teach French. Are they any good? My question is that what are the career prospects of learning French or getting a diploma in French? Also mention the institutes that offer diploma in foreign languages.

You can choose to do a certificate course in French or a Diploma course from the institutes that offer them. Online learning of a foreign language is something I would never suggest you or anyone else. There is a good career prospect in India for multi linguist, especially for French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. A good proficiency is required to attain a good job in this field so I would advise you to do the courses from a good university or institute rather than the classes that claim to teach French in a period of time. Multi-national companies seek multi-linguists to assist them on deals and foreign trips. There are excellent job opportunities as an interpreter, translator, teacher, transcriptionist, and tourism guide, in international organisation, in a tourism office, an embassy for diplomatic services, and many more. These are the institutes that offer French certificate as well as diploma programs:

• English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis, Pune.

• Institute of Indian & Foreign Languages, Bangalore.

• Foreign Language Institute, Bangalore.

• Acharya Narendra Dev College, Delhi.

• Swiss School of Language, Delhi.
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