What are the career prospects in the field of investment management?

I am interested in taking up investment management as my career but I want to know what the career prospects in this field are?

A CFA is trained in financial management, investment management and management accounting. Their financial expertise is vast and varied including all aspects of economics, quantitative techniques, economic legislation and security evaluation; as well as financial services, covering project planning, merchant banking services, portfolio management, venture capital, leasing, hire purchase, new issue management, credit rating and other allied areas. Employment opportunities are a plenty in sectors like banking, insurance, the corporate sector, companies dealing in finance and leasing. Fresh CFAs generally begin as executive trainees in the financial sector. With experience they climb up the corporate ladder to higher executive levels. With experience, a CFA can go into business as an independent business consultant or join an existing consultancy firm. A Chartered Accountancy firm or a firm specializing in cost accountancy is another option for a trained CFA. Most of the countries have great opportunities for CFA. However, if someone wants to be placed abroad then he/she should go for CFA US. The CFA course from Indian institutes like ICFAI is not recognized by CFA Institute USA and is not the same as the globally recognized CFA charter granted by CFA Institute.

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