What are the courses available for a Sommelier?

What are the courses available for a Sommelier? What is the course fee?

-In India, the Tulleeho Wine Academy is the approved Program Provider for courses offered by Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET), London and offers level 1, 2, 3 certified courses in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.
-Institute in Wine and Beverages, Delhi offers an introductory course.
-The course helps the students to learn about the basic level wine types, food and wine combination, storage, etc.
-Students are trained to use their logic to judge a wine’s history.
-When you gain experience you can blind taste the wine.
-As a curriculum you are introduced to 10-12 wines from different parts of the world.
-You are taught to judge the following features of the wine :

* Clarity
* Intensity
* Flavour
* Colour
* Age
* Acidity
* Alcohol levels

-The basic course fee in India can cost up to Rs9000 and above.
-As you gain levels, cost of the course also increases.
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