What are the daily activities of a Biomedical Engineer?

What are the daily activities of a Biomedical Engineer?

Bio-Medical Engineers with research based jobs spend most of the days in the lab, researching new techniques and device systems that solve medical and healthcare related problems. The research based work majorly involves upgrading the present knowledge base with recent and daily technical updates in Mechanical, Electronics, and Electrical field.
Others working in clinical settings, run Bio-Medical-focused enterprises, or research patent laws. Make sure that the present conditions, equipment and machinery is up to date, and interacts with company representatives (generally Bio-Medical Engineers as well) for upgrades and maintenance schedules. They have to make sure that the services being provided to the Doctors as well as patients are up to the mark and most efficient.

Biomedical engineers are involved in a wide variety of activities on a daily basis:
1. Doing research along with scientists, chemists, engineers, innovators and medical scientists

2. Developing artificial organs, prostheses, instrumentation, diagnostic and health management and care delivery services

3. Designing technology used in various medical procedures such as the lasers used in corrective eye surgery, or diagnostic medicine equipment for doctors. Delivery technology of medicines.

4. Developing and testing imaging systems such as MRIs, ultrasounds, and x-rays. Making sure that they are running and being upgraded regularly.

5. Constructing and implementing mathematical/computer models of physiological systems

6. Designing and constructing biomaterials and determining the mechanical, transport, and biocompatibility properties of implantable artificial materials
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