What are the different pointer types used in Pascal?

What are the different pointer types used in pascal?

- Record pointers are the pointers that allow the recording of the node and the sub-fields that are being used.

- Reference pointers: Pointers are the reference to the dynamically created variables that doesn’t allow the references to be done in static or local variables.

- Associate type pointers: Pointers have an associated data type with them so that one type can be check for compatibility with another type.

- It helps in eliminating the security concern and allows easy implementation of the pointer used in the language.

- This allows the risk to be removed in case of using the dangling pointers and it dynamically allows the use of Dispose function that manages the risk.

- Example of the pointer is as follows:

pNode = ^Node;
Node = record
a : integer;
b : char;
c : pNode {extra semicolon not strictly required}
NodePtr : pNode;
IntPtr : ^integer;

- The NodePtr is a variable pointer that is pointing to the data type of Node that is a record. Pointers are used before they are declared.
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