What are the different roles in hotel management?

What are the different roles in hotel management?

-General Managers:

* Such professionals are responsible for all operations in a hotel.
* General manager is the main in charge , he performs the following activities

- is the coordinator and administrator,
- responsible for staff management,
- financial control,
- provision of services,
- quality control and customer care

-Resident Managers: Bestowed with the job to be available at just a call away.

-Executive Housekeepers:

* These professionals are expected to ensure cleanliness in the hotel. They perform the following activities:
-The work of keeping the hotel, the rooms, the bars, the restaurants etc. clean
-Making it presentable to the guests and ensuring facilities and comfort to them is handled by this department.

-Front Office Managers:

* Most of the hotels own front desk, Front Office Managers manage the same. It is the centre of all activities,

- Important functions of receiving the guests,
- making room reservations,
- handling correspondence
- preparing bills and keeping accounts of the guest services are handled at the front office.

-Convention Services Managers: They work in close coordination with client and the conferencing facilities offered by the hotel for various conventions, meetings, seminars, etc.
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