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What are the different types of hostings that exist?

- There are different types of hosting provided to upload and share their files using the web or Internet.

- Free web hosting service: provides limited services and offers it to companies in that it offers advertisements and other services with limitations.

- Shared web hosting service: where a server shares many websites all placed at one place having the range from few to hundred.
> The domains are most probably remains shared with a common pool of resources that is based on the server like RAM and CPU.

- Reseller web hosting: this is the web hosting that allows clients to provide web hosting to others. This includes individual domains that are listed using the affiliated with a reseller.

- Virtual Dedicated Server: this is also known as also known as a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This provided the divided server resources in the virtual servers and the method that doesn’t relate directly to the hardware.

- Home server: this is a single machine server that can be thought as a personal server that is used to host one or more web sites using the connection.
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