What are the factors that affect Biomedical Engineer’s Salary?

What are the factors that affect Biomedical Engineer’s Salary?

The salary of a Bio-Medical Engineer depends on a variety of factors such as experience, education level and the type of company. A Bio-Medical Engineer will get paid higher salary if working in the industry, rather than one working in a Hospital or Clinic.

Their products can range from prostheses to information systems and artificial organs. The minimum education required for this position is a Bachelor's degree in a related discipline, although in many cases biomedical engineers have graduate degrees directly related to the field.

Company Size
Large companies pay higher salaries in the field of Bio-Medical Engineering. Large firms employ larger number of graduates each year as well. The chances of getting placement in a good firm increases if you have graduated from a reputed institute.

The Top Companies which hire Bio-Medical Engineers in India are:
• Siemens
• Becton Dickinson
• Medtronic
• Accenture
• Philips
• GE Medical Systems
• Atlantic Biomedical P. Ltd
• CSIO, Chandigarh
• MIOT Hospital
• HLL Lifecare
• GJU Hisar
• Rasi Seeds

Field of Work
The average pay scale for a graduate Bio-Medical Engineer working in the Industry gets paid anywhere from 2.4-3.6 lakhs per annum. The package offered in hospitals range from 1.8-3 lakhs per annum, whereas if you land a job in a Government institute the package will range from 1.92-2.64 lakhs per annum.

If you are interested in a teaching job, then the packages offered are generally between 2.16-3.0 lakhs per annum. Even though they may ask for post-graduation for a teaching based job.

It has been noticed that the Salary will depend on the location of your job, Bio-Medical Engineers in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are relatively paid higher than in other parts of the country. The reason for this could be that most research and manufacturing facilities are situated in these states.
Indian Bio-Medical Engineers are readily placed in Saudi States, Arab Nations, USA, and UK, as there is demand present in these countries and India has a good reputation as a source for human resources.

Biomedical engineers are in constant demand so their salaries are above the median range.
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