What are the job prospects in Marine Engineering?

What are the job prospects related to this particular field of Marine Engineering?

There are various prospects for an individual that are related to Marine engineering. Public and private shipping companies are the main hirers of Marine engineers. As this is of global nature thus the expectancy level is high from companies in relation to hiring of a candidate. Navy, engine production firms, ship building and designing firms, research bodies are some of the other firms where marine engineers are highly in demand. Marine engineers can also be employed in different foreign and Indian shopping companies and with the port and harbour departments are they are in huge demand in today’s scenario. There is a huge opportunity for future graduates who are willing to work portside as there are various recent developments in moving natural gas from ports to the pipeline and it’s an excellent job prospect.

Marine engineers are in great demand in the oil and gas industry, where they are specialised in designing and building of pipelines and other required equipments. There are various posts offered in the field of Marine engineering such as that of Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, Third Engineer, Fourth Engineer and junior (Fifth) Engineer. There is a huge scope of marine engineers in merchant navy ships. The path of a marine engineer progresses periodically by undergoing several examinations conducted by the Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Surface Transport, and Government of India. So, a candidate passing a Class IV ‘A’ examination with four year BE course will be appointed as a Junior Engineer Officer as a fresher in the profession. Completion of Class IV ‘B’ examination, results in qualification of a candidate to sail as Watch keeping engineer officer. With the increase in experience, capability and job opportunities available, one can become a second engineer and ultimately the Chief Engineer which is the highest post.
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