What are the job prospects in the field of mechatronics engineering?

What are the job prospects for me if I choose to stick to the field of mechatronics engineering?

As we all know that our country is a developing one and there are bound to be technical advancement, and those who can handle multiple specialisations are favoured over those who can just stick to a particular branch. Therefore, mechatronics being a combination of new generation course has wide potential within the country and in the foreign land too. Those who are interested in broadening their knowledge in the field of mechatronics engineering can be successful in future. There is growing demand for people who specialise in this particular field of engineering. There is wide range of job opportunities in business as well as industrial sector. There is rapid increase in the job prospects for mechatronics engineer with the introduction of advanced technologies in large, global enterprise and also in smaller, innovative companies. After completing graduation a wide range of options open up such as robotics, nanotechnology, automation, aircraft engineering, oceanography, transport and computer-aided designs.

Mechatronics engineering graduates may work in areas of design, research and development, sales, production management, safety and quality. The main task for a mechatronic engineer is to design mechanical devices that integrate electrical, software and mechanical components. These three aspects results in the development and design of mechatronic or smart products.
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