What are the pros and cons of being a pharmacist?

What are the pros and cons of being a pharmacist?

- A pharmacist can choose from the various field of practice and can choose to work in full time or part time
- Job security is also there because as long as people are there; there will be need of pharmacists.
- A pharmacist’s job is less stressful than the other medical professions like surgeons.
- A pharmacist work in clean and good environment unlike doctors and nurses who have risk of catching disease from their patients.

- The work of pharmacist is of repetitive nature.
- The Indian market for pharmacists is highly competitive because generally B.sc and M.sc holders also have good chance of getting job.
- Many pharmacists are initially under employed and under paid.
- A pharmacist has to stand on his feet for long hours.

What are the related careers?

The related careers of pharmacist are:

- Advanced-Practice Nurses
- Anesthesiologists
- Biological Scientists
- Chemists and Material Scientists
- Medical Assistants
- Medical Scientists
- Medical Transcriptionists
- Pharmacy Technicians
- Physicians
- Psychiatrists
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