What are the prospects of career as a Bio-Medical Engineer?

What are the prospects of career as a Bio-Medical Engineer?

Biomedical Engineering applies engineering principles to medicine and improving quality of life for humans and animals. It is a highly trans-disciplinary field, integrating physical, chemical, and mathematical sciences with clinical studies. Practical applications of biomedical engineering include things like:
• Designing biomedical materials and/or medical device equipment (e.g., pacemakers, bio-compatible wheelchairs, exercise equipment for astronauts, or creating/improving materials to help joint replacements last longer).

• Developing or improving therapies for fighting cancer, tuberculosis, or other illnesses and diseases (e.g., Nano scaffolding for localized chemotherapy delivery, telemetric sensors to determine healing rates in bone fractures, etc.).

• Finding better ways to image and/or diagnose illnesses (e.g., using lasers to detect viruses, developing ways to increase electrical signals to detect threats to food safety and security, designing a biosensor to diagnose cancer cells, or developing software to determine toxicity levels in people exposed to pesticides).

The demand for biomedical engineers is on the rise and is predicted to increase further by 72% between the year 2008 and 2018. The biomedical field is a purely technical, and the engineers have to work with clinicians and doctors to invent and use new devices in order to help in treating diseases like diabetes, cardiac problems, and other weakening conditions.
In India and abroad the demand for Bio-Medical Engineers has risen every year, with demand rising in Metro Cities as well as B-Class cities. With healthcare boom in the cities, the quality of instruments and equipment being used in India is getting improved by the day, so the demand for engineers has also risen.

Healthcare Tourism: The fairly new aspect of healthcare tourism can also be discussed here. The concept of Healthcare Tourism is that, people from around the world flock to countries with relatively cheaper healthcare costs. In India, we have seen citizens of Middle East and American countries (other than Canada), flock to India as the healthcare in India is much cheaper when compared to their native countries. This has led to super-specialty clinics and hospitals mushrooming all-over the country.

The demand for Bio-Medical Engineers has risen because of this phenomena as the demand for specialty equipment has risen in such cities.
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