What are the qualities required to become a good Company Secretary? What would it cost me to apply at ICSI?

What are the qualities required to become a good Company Secretary? Also, if I apply to ICSI, what would it cost me?

Choosing a career is all in your hands. To become a good company secretary you should have - Good judgemental quality, legal aptitude, interest in current affairs and good administrative knowledge and ability, if you have all the above mentioned qualities then company secretary is an ideal career option for you.

You should also have good communication skills, good hold on accountancy, secretarial practice, keen mind to learn new things and one very important thing is to be well versed in English. Also, interest is something which is mandatory because without it you won’t devote as much time as you should.

As far as the cost for the course through ICSI is concerned, it varies between three courses, Foundation course, Executive course and Professional course respectively. The duration of the foundation is around right months excluding months of admission and examination. The fee for the Foundation course is Rs. 3,600/-. The Executive course is Rs. 7,000/- for commerce graduates and Rs.7,700/- for others. The Professional course can cost around Rs. 10,000/-. Now, coming to the training which you undergo during the Professional course can cost somewhere around Rs. 2,000/- to Rs. 2,500/-.
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