What are the required skills to succeed in forensic accounting?

What all should I be well versed in to be good in forensic accounting?

To start with you should be interested in the field that you have chosen. Forensic accounting needs loads of focus and thorough knowledge. The foundation should be strong to achieve something good in that trait. The basic layer of forensic accounting is accounting knowledge. Knowledge of auditing, internal controls, risk assessment and fraud detection is also important for a good and bright career. As forensic accountant is an expert, he/she should know more than just simple accounting and more than just simple detective work. These elements should be clear and should be well versed to anyone who wants to have a bright future in this field.
In addition to the primary things, some secondary things are also to be kept in mind i.e. people pursuing this career should combine their accounting, auditing and investigative skills to analyse and interpret business and financial evidence. Communication skills, agility and an alert, analytical and innovative mind is also some qualities an aspiring forensic accountant/detective is required to have. As the job profile suggests, forensic accounting is a very respectable and prestigious job, thus one should be equipped with all the necessary knowledge to excel in this field.
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