What are the technical specifications required by WAP?

What are the technical specifications required by WAP?

- WAP provides a standard defining the protocol suite that allows the interoperability of WAP and its software equipment.

WAP is divided in some protocol suite and it is as follows:

- Wireless Application Environment (WAE): is used as representation of the data in human readable form and execute it to the user side.

- Wireless Session Protocol (WSP): this keeps the session information of the users that are interacting with each other at particular time interval.

- Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP): it keeps a node or copy of the transaction that happened between two parties.

- Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS): it provides the security to the information that is getting transported to upper layer.

- Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP): it is used as a adaptation layer and allow the network to provide the transport to the information to upper layers.
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