What are the various specialisations under agricultural engineering?

What are the specialisations under agricultural engineering?

There are four major specialisations under agricultural engineering which can be taken up once you enter the agricultural industry.
Farm machinery, irrigation & drainage engineering, soil and water conservation engineering, harvest and process engineering are the major specialisations that one can choose to enter after they are done with their studies.

Farm machinery & power engineering use technology for appropriate mechanization, improving quality of farm produce and crops, reducing the cost of production. They also help in maintaining quality and standards of the appliances and products used for testing and evaluation.
Irrigation & drainage engineering deals with the technology for water resources development, water lifting, conveyance and utilization, conservation, prevention of accumulation of excess water, flood control. It involves things that are related to irrigation.

Soil & water conservation engineering involves technology for land development, hydrology of natural precipitation, watershed development, accumulation and conservation of water, prevention of soil erosion from water and wind. This works more towards safeguarding the natural resources by applying technology.
Process engineering also known as food process engineering includes technology for primary processing and value addition of food, feed, fibre and industrial crops and low temperature storage.

Apart from these major ones, there are other specialisations too that are being offered in agricultural engineering.
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