What are the various tasks performed by a medical technologist

I want to know what are the various tasks performed by a medical technologist.

Medical Technologist is a major field in the field of medical laboratory technology.

Medical technologists cover five major areas of the laboratory i.e. Blood banking, Clinical Chemistry (chemical analysis of body fluids), Haematology (blood related), Immunology (study of immune system) and Microbiology (study of bacteria and other disease organisms). As a medical technologist you will also be involved in the areas of cytotechnology (study of human tissue), phlebotomy, urinalysis, coagulation, parasitology and serology. These are major areas of a work for a medical technologist. Medical technologists can further be divided into; Phlebotomists who draw and test blood, Blood bank technologists determine correct blood types for transfusions. Histology technicians cut and stain tissue samples.

Medical technologists have more training and job responsibilities. They are required to perform complex tests such as microscopic examinations of tissues, blood and other body fluids to detect evidence of disease and detect the presence of bacteria, fungi, parasites etc and chemical tests to determine blood cholesterol levels. Matching of blood samples for transfusions and test drug levels in blood to determine how patients are responding to medications are also a day to day performed by a medical technologist. They are often responsible for making sure that testing is done accurately. In some labs, technologists conduct research under the supervision of medical researchers.
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