What are WAIT states in microprocessors? - 8085

What are WAIT states in microprocessors, Explain.

- The WAIT state plays a significant role in preventing CPU speed incompatibilities.

- Many a times the processor is at a ready state to accept data from a device or location, but there might be no input available. This can lead to wastage of cpu time.

- So in such cases when the cpu is ready for an input but there is no such valid data then the system gets into WAIT state. In this scenario the pin 35 ( ready pin )is put into a low state.

- As soon as there is some valid data for the 8085 the system comes off the WAIT state and the low state of the READY pin is withdrawn.
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  • RE: What are WAIT states in microprocessors? - 8085 -Mosa Rao (03/15/15)
  • Excellent and simple explanation. Most people explain in difficult way beyond the scope of beginners.
    Thank u for simple explanation