What are your strengths?

What are your strengths?

Interpret this question as, what is your greatest relevant strength? Or Why should we hire you? Offer them a strength that they want to buy.

Your answer to this question demonstrates your preparation for the interview. Your same set of strengths can not be an advantage in every interview. This needs you to tailor make your answer as per the requirement of the position you are being interviewed for.

Before every interview, analyse the requirements of the role carefully and list out the qualities required to perform that role. Now, make a list of the qualities you have and match them with the requirements. You can offer these qualities as your strength for the role.
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  • RE: What are your strengths? -Farhana Afreen (09/22/15)
  • Your strengths can be many and depending on what are especially required for the position, you can enlist them, but not all vague terms that go with a good employee's image please. As you go on enlisting your strengths, give examples that are relevant to the position and how those strength got you where you are today.

    Always make sure that most of your strength tally with the qualities they are looking for in the individual for the position. Good interpersonal skills, strong leadership qualities, diligence at work, good analytical skills can all be helpful and they might want these strength in the person who gets to hold the position under talk.

    You should analyze what strengths can make you successful in the position you are interviewing for. If your strength can be beneficial for the employer, that's exactly what they are looking for. You are an asset to the company and they want to make sure that whatever skills you bring along should be beneficial for the company. You have it and you are hired. A good research should get you to know what those qualities could be according to the position and your qualifications.
  • RE: What are your strengths? -Nupur Bhargava (05/13/15)
  • This is the most common question asked in most of the interviews and is applicable to all levels. The main objective of this question is how are you eligible for this job or what qualities do you have that make me hire you for this job?

    The Key to answer this question is by highlighting those strengths that will be of use while performing for this role. Qualities like you like reading books, or you are great at running should not be included as this will make the interviewer loose interest in you. But if you are determined to highlight these qualities then you can say,

    For Example: To achieve my goal of being a painter I had to stick through a rigorous training program as well as months of practice. I suppose that these were the skills that helped me sail through as a trainer.

    By doing a thorough research on the job profile and what qualities will help you in succeeding in this particular role will help you in answering this question. You can typically highlight any 4 strong qualities of yours that will be of use in the given job profile.

    For example: If you are applying for a sales job you could mention qualities like perseverance, determination, patience and communication skills are your strong points.

    Example: Or while applying for a management job you could highlight strengths like, problem solving skills, you are an initiator, team – management skills and leadership abilities.