What do beauty care experts do?

As a beauty care expert what all work am I supposed to do?

First and foremost, a beauty care experts are expected to understand the needs of their client. You are sole person responsible for making people look beautiful. Your work can involve giving beauty treatments for skin, hair, body, nails, waxing, spa, different kinds of facials, aroma therapies, makeup, hair styling, colouring and so on.

Broadly a beauty care expert performs following tasks:

Skin Therapy: Modern lifestyle and impure environment causes damage to skin. So treatments for skin like tan removal, toning, face lifting, wrinkle lift treatment, blemishes, dark circles, scars and pigmentation, acne etc . are a few popular skin treatments that you are expected to know.

Fitness Therapy: includes working as yoga, aerobics or gym instructor.

SPA treatment: Spas in India are gaining importance for it helps in relaxing mind and body. As a beauty care expert you should know different kinds spas and various styles and techniques of spa treatment.

Herbal beauty treatments: This involves using natural remedies for skin, hair and body treatments.

Body Massages: You should know how to do different kinds of massages to both men and women and rejuvenate their body to make them feel more relaxed.

Bridal/Pre- Bridal Beauty Treatments: Beauty treatments given to to-be brides and brides that include facials, spas, makeup etc.

Hair care & Dressing: You are also expected to know how make different kinds of hairstyles as per the occasion, apart from that you must also know hair colouring, rebounding, smoothing, and extensions.

Hair Removal Treatments.
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