What do floriculturists do? How much can they expect to earn?

What do floriculturists do?

Floriculturists generally handle the landscaping projects, nurseries and plantations. They have to check and keep an eye on the harvesting, sowing, soil preparation, controlling of climate and administration of nutrients. They are engaged in cutting the flowers, check the flowering of potted, foliage and bedding plants and monitor and manipulate both the indoor and outdoor environment. They also need to purchase, collect and distribute the raw materials that are required.

Floriculturists who are employed with city planners and builders carry out the maintenance and development of various sites including gardens and loans.

How much can a floriculturist expect to earn in this profession?

Depending on the nature of work and the position that the aspirant is holding, the earnings vary accordingly. Those who are employed at the worker level (like gardener, cutting and harvesting work) or at junior or technician level (i.e. in soil culture, packaging and storage work etc.) can expect to earn Rs.2000/- to Rs.5000/- per month. Senior officials and managers generally have a pay packet between Rs.10000/- to Rs. 30000/-. Those who are working independently can negotiate their fees or charges according to the place and nature of work. Professionals who have their own business, their profits and earnings changes on the availability of raw materials and lifestyle and purchasing power of their clients.
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