What do I need to do to be successful as a Securities Analyst?

If I want to pursue my further studies in security analyst field and take up this as my career then what all do I need to do, to be successful in this field.

Success in this particular field is not easy to come by and it totally depends on your performance and reputation. If you as an analyst keep making correct decisions all the time and which are profitable to the company, then your performance record will be constantly good and your reputation will get a boost for sure. The more outstanding performance record you have as an analyst, the more steps of success you will climb resulting in an increase in the salary package too. The work is very time consuming and that is why as an analyst you should be prepared to do work for long hours. Travelling, visiting a lot of companies, attending conferences, conventions and tradeshows are some of the day to day work of an analyst. The work is quite demanding and absorbing as they need to take some quick and correct decisions depending upon the current status of the stock markets.
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